Thursday, 24 May 2018

A Trend for Innovative People

“I love to explore and make new discoveries,” says Dr. Boutros BouYounes at Beirut Vinifest 2016 when he launched Lebanon’s first blue wine. He’s making a revolution in the local wine industry as restaurants and pubs place their orders and individuals rush to reserve their boxes.

BouYounes is a urologist who studied Chemistry with Executive MBA from Lebanese American University. It’s not surprising at all if he puts his passion for science and food technology to create a revolutionary wine breaking all the classic millennia-old rules of wine-making. The bottle’s label is as revolutionary as its content. Nothing classic; no hills or chateau or oak barrels are drawn but rather the Roger de Tanios “Aychak Man” that personifies the Lebanese macho who is tied to traditions but shows off his western attitude.

Blue wine has first made a strong impact in Spain with a group of young innovative entrepreneurs. It seems that their blue wine tastes like a sweet white wine because of the non-caloric sweetener they added. With 13% alcohol, Chateau Wadih blue wine is made with Sauvignon Blanc, Clairette and Muscat with no sweetener at all.

What gives it its blue electric color? I would love to say that it reflects the azure of our Mediterranean sky and sea. In fact it’s a natural pigment called anthocyanin found in the skin of red grapes. Dr. BouYounes’ other innovation is a pro-biotic red wine. It’s by adding a natural substance that the wine gets its beneficial properties.

Chateau Wadih is located in Aqoura region. It opens from Friday to Sunday for cheese and wine. Ask for the honey-sweetened cider. The apples are granny smith picked at the magnificent orchards of Aqoura.
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Text ByRaghidaSamaha