Thursday, 24 May 2018
When Mars and Venus reconciled, they created Volvo S90!

When VOLVO logo was first designed, in the 1920’s, it carried the ancient chemical symbol of iron, the honored tradition of the iron industry in Sweden, a circle with an arrow pointing diagonally upwards to the right. The logo also stood for the Roman god of warfare, Mars, and the masculine gender. Both iron and warfare, steel and strength, gave the feeling of safety, quality and durability to VOLVO.

Sitting behind the wheel of the VOLVO S90 in Muscat, Oman was an experience to remember. The car ignition alone gave me a feel of what to expect. Immediately, and in that order, I sat straight, switched on the air-conditioner, buckled up, connected my soul-picked music from my phone via bluetooth, with an easy single-touch on the car’s screen, where Bowers & Wilkins with absolute voice clarity and optimum acoustic openness, brought Lebanese Diva Feiruz, in person, to the seat next to mine, singing for me alone, and I smiled!!

The convoy of around 8 S90’s moved, one beautiful executive sedan after another, and I followed, but did I?

The S90 interior was another story to tell. Hand-carved with luxury and comfort, the S90 can definitely compete with the finest luxury sedans. It features natural Scandinavian wood rather than lacquered or polished wood. Clean and simple “dashing” dashboard, large user-friendly touchscreen, comfortable leather seats where massaging is an extra option, and many more details from within and without deliver a visual expression that takes a sedan to an absolute next level.

The temperature during the drive read 43 degrees centigrade, and had it not been for the inviting scenery of picturesque Oman with the shade of palm trees, the magical oasis in the Gulf Jewel desert, and the rocky hills that scream out warmth throughout the drive, I’d never have believed the two digits on the screen.

With the road curves, various heights and speed, and size of the vehicle, I expected the 2.0 L, 4-cylinder Volvo T5 to indicate power limitation. And that’s where I was mistaken. The Twin Turbo technology delivers a no compromise mix of performance and driving pleasure. After a short two-hour unforgettable drive, the convoy returned to the hotel. With awe and discretion, I bid my Diva companion “Feiruz” farewell and stepped down from the S90. The elegant click of the door closing and the blazing heat brought me back to reality and cleared my driving preferences.

Surely luxury, comfort, outstanding engine performance, fuel efficiency, competitive cost and almost service-free car is a plus, but first and foremost I'm a parent and mother of two, driving crazy streets, in most cases auto-routes that seem like off-roads, with holes, defective street lights, and other “accident friendly” details make me think of safety first.

VOLVO promised and delivered. The S90 uses the strongest form of steel called hot-formed boron steel that cages around the vehicle and is designed for maximum occupant protection.

The car engineers developed unparalleled City Safety features that include: day and night detection of vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, large animals; automatic breaking, intuitive warning and brake support to help avoid collision; and other significant safety features.

The makers of VOLVO declared that the company’s intention is that: “no one should be killed or seriously injured in a VOLVO by the year 2020.” And from what I witnessed, they mean it.

Going back to the VOLVO’s “manly logo”, I think it’s about time to take the reconciliation between Mars and Venus a step further…

I want a car I could trust, and I trust VOLVO!

By RoulaAjouzSidani