Thursday, 24 May 2018
Emma Boutros Shoe Designs

Pieces to Keep

She’s the young shoe designer who was able at the age of 21 to persist in an industry that was exclusive to men in Beirut. She received me at her showroom in Gemmayzeh, Beirut. Simple yet refined and contemporary, the designer was spontaneous and passionate about her designs. The hard time she had at start was rewarded. She’s been collaborating with haute couture fashion designers such as Hussein Bazaza, Ashi Studio, Rami Kadi and Ahmad Alfasairy. Also, her collaboration with both Coca-Cola and Italian sneakers brand SUPERGA was a hit.
The reasons for her rapid success? Well, the shoes are elegant and stylish. From flat footwear to ballerinas and high stiletto, the designs are remarkably trendy and comfortable.
By using high-end luxury material, embroideries and feathers, Emma Boutros’s creations are a work of art. Women would simply love every “poised” step she makes! Her designs are made not as a necessity to complete or match a garment but rather as a statement and will surely turn heads! Emma Boutros creates timeless fashion and pieces to keep, just like a jewel! Feminine, contemporary, comfy and trendy, the shoes are made in Italy. They are also unique creations made-to-measure to please a client’s request or rather…fulfill her dream! The designer’s personal journey to find her own right shoe was a hard experience. She understands better the “dilemma” of not being able to find the perfect fitting shoe. All the above reflects Emma Boutros’ philosophy, and that is “designing an experience”.
Is there a pattern that distinguishes her?
It’s the keffieh print that she revisited and used on her creations. It’s a
sign of regional culture that reflects Emma Boutros’ attachment to her
Arab belonging.
The young designer is making it big in Lebanon and Gulf countries, but soon she’ll definitely be international spreading our culture
and creativity. 
Text by Raghida Samaha 
Photos by Patrik Sawaya